How it works.

At Last Toodles, we don't believe in complexity so we have made this simple, smart and secure.

Step One Create a profile

Quick and easy to set up.  Select your subscription and billing preferences


Step Two Record your Toodles

It's all about you!  Be as creative as you like or just be your raw self.  Simply record your Toodle on your preferred device and upload to your profile.


Step One Sit back, we've got this.

We'll monitor the secure keeping of your Toodles and check in with you along the way to keep your records up to date.

Never miss saying goodbye to your people.

With Last Toodles now you can make sure your final words are heard.

  • Your Partner

  • Your Children

  • Your Parents

  • Montage Your Life

  • Life Story

  • Your Siblings

  • Your Best Friend

  • Your Mentor

  • Someone Not Yet Born

  • Your Cat

A sense of relief.

A sense of relief.

When you lose someone suddenly, it can be hard to find closure when you can’t say good-bye

My loved ones wellbeing.

My loved ones wellbeing.

Life insurance provides financial security for your loved ones, for me Last Toodles means that I can provide my family with mental wellbeing and the ability to heal and move on with love

Forward Planning

Forward Planning

Now I can record my Toodles before my illness worsens and choose a time for my family and friends to remember me the way I want to be remembered instead of how I might be in the end

In Hindsight

...because I wish I had this when my father passed away

Future Memories

My husband and I have pre-recorded some Toodles in the event of who goes first to give comfort to our children in the future and show that we have re-united when the surviving parent passes.  Our kids will love it!

My Words

I want my Viewlogy to be a reflection of how I lived my life in my own words.  I want to show my family and friends how I want to be remembered.

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