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It's natural to have questions. Here are just a handful of the questions we hear most often. If you have a different question you can submit a question here.

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Toodle Terminology

It’s important to get your head around the terminology on this site. Read this article so you’re part of the cool crowd!

Can I add music and titles to my Toodles?

You can be as creative as you like ensuring you abide by all copyright laws.

Will Last Toodles view my Toodles?

No.  Your Toodles are your private messages.  Your profile page will confirm the last time you log in providing re-assurance that your files have not been viewed.  If unusual viewing activity has been monitored on your profile page, your account will be suspended and investigated.  We will contact you if this occurs.  Our aim is…

Does Last Toodles own my Toodles/Viewlogy?

No.  Last Toodles does not own your Toodles or Viewlogy.  Last Toodles securely stores your Toodles for safe keeping.  Refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information

Where do I record my Toodles?

Last Toodles does not have any video recording capabilities at this time.  You can record your video on the device of your choice using your preferred technology.  Be as creative as you want and when your Toodle masterpiece/s is complete, login to Last Toodles and upload on your Profile Page.  For instructions on how to…

Who should use Last Toodles?

Last Toodles can be used by anyone over the age of 18 or with your parent/guardian consent.

Can I change from weekly to monthly basis without penalty?

Yes.  Moving between packages and payment cycles is easy and seamless.  The billing is calculated on a pro-rata basis and will be adjusted on the next billing cycle.

What happens to the billing when I upgrade/downgrade plans?

The billing is calculated on a pro-rata basis and will be adjusted on the next billing cycle.

What happens when I upgrade a plan?

You can upload additional files to meet the permitted allowance.

What happens when I downgrade a plan?

You can downgrade your plan at any time.  When downgrading you can only store the permitted number of files in that package.  Before you can finalise your package downgrade, simply delete or download your unwanted video files to the permitted minimum and proceed accordingly with your download.

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